Pamper Yourself at Rinaldos – Ottawa’s Best Hair Salon

For months you have been wearing hats and scarfs to protect yourself from the dry winter air. After a long and cold winter, what better way to rejuvenate and celebrate spring than to pamper yourself at Rinaldos!

At Rinaldos’ –  Ottawa’s best hair salon, we treat every customer and every appointment the same. We offer personalized luxurious services tailored for your every need.

You might be looking for a basic cut and blow style to freshen up your look. Or maybe you are thinking about making a change with a full or creative colour. Or maybe you want to be bold with an Up-Style for a hot date!

We have you covered no matter what your personal preferences are. Rinaldo’s offers a full menu of hair design services for men and women. 

More importantly, Rinaldo’s hires only the best and most talented staff. Our stylists and staff are specially trained to ensure that you can rely on us to be your personal hair consultants and provide you with the variety and options you need. 

How many times have you walked into a beauty shop only to find that the phone is ringing off the hook and it’s dark, loud, and cramped with other people’s hair cuttings on the floor? Ugh!

Rinaldo’s is not just a hair salon. We take our environment and ambiance seriously so that you can relax in a modern, clean, clutter-free and aroma-free atmosphere. 

Don’t wait another day. Come visit Rinaldo’s, Ottawa’s best hair salon and give your hair, mind and body the attention it deserves!