Go back to school in style with the latest hair and beauty trends

Back to school season is officially upon us. Whether you’re ready or not, this is a great opportunity for you to try out a fresh new look. We’ve taken the latest hair and beauty trends to help you shine inside and out on your first week back in school.

Balayage: Looking for something natural and low maintenance? One of this year’s most sought after trends, balayage, is a technique for highlighting in which the dye is painted on to create a soft, natural-looking effect. Balayage is incredibly versatile and can work on a variety of hair lengths, textures, and colors – making it one of the most flattering looks for all women.

Boho waves: Beachy waves or curls are universally adored by red carpet stars and everyday beauty lovers. The perfect option for any day, loose curls add body and dimension to your hair without making it look like you tried too hard. This look is quick and easy, can be done with or without heat, and will boost your confidence instantly.

Medium length: Thinking of cutting your hair? There’s no better time for a dramatic change than back to school. Shoulder length haircuts are all the rage this year – and for good reason. This flexible haircut is chic, sophisticated, and easy to style.

Ice blonde: While balayage offers a natural look, ice blonde is for the more daring. This hot trend is quickly taking over. To create an icy blonde you need a highlight tint with super ashy undertones. It’s a bold look and one that will take some maintenance, but it will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Let the start of the new school year be the time to debut a new look. Book an appointment with one of our hair stylists or colourists today!